10537453_4742641340095_8971460735509299859_oThe observant types amongst you will already know that my name is John Beardon.

I live in a sleepy village in Somerset, a few miles from the County Town of Taunton.

By day (and sometimes quite a lot of the night) I am  IT & Communications Manager for Somerdale International, one of the largest exporters of British Cheese & Dairy Products in the UK.

In my spare time, I love designing, 3D printing, making and hacking stuff. I am also a passionate amateur photographer, a hobby that has been part of my life since my early teens.

This site used to be dedicated to my photography but things evolve and there are now better platforms for sharing the results of that particular interest.

I am now dedicating this site to the 'maker' in me although there will be some general techie posts along with a bit of photography and maybe the odd bit of cooking!

I've now been 3D printing since 2016 and have learned a lot about 3D printers and how to make them generate the best possible results.  3D printing has allowed me to re-discover forgotten draught and design skills, pulling them into the digital era and providing me with the tools to produce the functional 3D designs on this site.