I currently have two 3D printers in service and can offer on-demand printing services in a variety of materials. Using these tools, I am able to offer 3D prototyping services to UK based inventors, designers and mad scientists with their own designs or individuals who may have found a 3D design on-line but do not have the facilities to produce a print.

This page allows you to upload a compatible file in .STL or .OBJ format for an estimated cost. The final price may vary as I will need to review the designs in order to ascertain their complexity, how much support material may be required and whether they are actually suitable for 3D printing.

The estimated cost does not include postage and packaging as the requirements can vary wildly depending on the size and fragility of the design.

If the estimated cost is within an acceptable area, you are able to enter your email address together with a short note and submit your file for appraisal. I will endeavour to review all submissions within 48 hours and get back to you with a firm quotation or comment on potential problems.

I must stress that this service is for UK based businesses/residents only.

3D Printing Cost Estimation & Quotation Request

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  • PLA (1.75 mm) Black
  • ABS (1.75 mm) Blue
  • PLA (1.75 mm) White
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Grey
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Bottle Green
  • ABS (1.75 mm) Black
  • PETG (1.75 mm) Bright Red
  • Creality Ender 3
  • Wanhao Duplicator 6